Spiel mit Licht und Schatten
Modern, handwoven damaskweavings, woven by the Guild of Damaskweavers NL

Embroidery for Peace 2018  

See also www.kulturortgarnlager.org

Association “Kulturort Garnlager”

Thanks to a generous sponsor, the association could organise 18 concerts 9 lectures and many exhibitions during the last 4,5 years. Unfortunately it was not possible to find other sponsors in order to support financing more broadly. So there won’t be any concerts and lectures any more in the future. The exhibitions will continue.

The board of the association, Annina Demenga, Erika Schutter-Achermann, Mirjana Reinhard, Yuka Oechslin, Theo Stalder and Cornelia Zürcher, would like to thank all person having supported the activity of the associacion by visiting the concerst, by giving financial or moral support!