Embroidery for Peace 2023

The theme this year is

“Yggdrasil the World Tree”

The 9th Edition of our yearly Embroidery for Peace Event goes back to the initiative of a Swedish embroidery group. The slow activity of making a hand embroidery is in strong contrast to today’s “fast” society and especially to the production of the so-called “fast fashion”, which involves an unprecedented waste of resources and exploitation of people. With their works, the embroiderers set an example for more mindfulness and deceleration and they show solidarity with other embroiderers all over the world.


The artist Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson, who annually prepares the theme for the Embroidery for Peace Event, is fascinated by the World Tree, which encompasses everything. Yggdrasil is also called the world ash tree and in Norse mythology it embodies the whole cosmos. According to the legend, it is the first tree of the world and its branches rise above everything. Its roots connect the “upper world”, the “underworld” and the “earth”. Many old stories and myths mention Yggdrasil. For Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson, it symbolizes the connections between everything, good and evil. With this theme, she wants to give the impulse to draw from the full and to live out in embroidery.


What fascinates you?

What grows from your personal Yggdrasil?

Let embroidery ground and thread speak!


You are welcome to join us on

Sunday, May 7, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

for a the open Embroidery for Peace Event, where we will embroider together!


You can also embroider at home and send us your embroidery for the exhibition!

Embroideries from abroad are also very welcome.

The exhibition of the finished embroideries for peace

will be held from October 22 – November 12, 2023.

You are cordially invited to the Opening on Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 2p.m.!


Participation in the exhibition:

Send your embroidery by October 13, 2023 to:
Zürcher Stalder AG
Gewerbestrasse 9
3421 Lyssach


Important: Hem the finished embroidery and steam the back on a soft backing.

Please put your name and address on the back of the embroidery!

And if the embroidery is to be returned by post, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope!


You can use the design by Ingrid-Eggimann-Jonsson shown here as an aid and inspiration when embroidering. To trace through the design, download the design and print it without a disturbing backside.

The design is an aid, especially for less experienced embroiderers and is mainly for inspiration. You can also implement your own ideas or modify the design to your liking. The original design is about 25 cm high and 20 cm wide. However, you can determine the size of your embroidery yourself. It can be easily changed with the printer.


Transferring a working drawing to light fabric: Stick the working drawing printed out in the desired size to a window using adhesive tape. Attach the fabric over it as well and carefully trace the working drawing on to the fabric with a pencil.

Transferring a working drawing to dark fabric: Use tailor’s copy paper that stains white on the underside. Place this on the fabric with the staining side down and the working drawing in paper on top of it. Fix everything well so that nothing slips. Now trace the lines with a hard pencil. Possibly trace the lines again afterwards with a white felt-tip pen.


Share your process or finished embroidery on social media with the hashtag



Here you can download the flyer (in German) as a PDF.